Friday, September 11, 2009

Tickle Bug

Hi my name is Sarah, and I am cute!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

We had a wonderful relaxing day today, enjoying the last day of summer. I dressed the kids in our Auburn gear to go to Chick-fil-A for a free chicken sandwich for lunch. Jimmy enjoyed his first chocolate milk, which turned him into a wild monster when we got home. As soon as we got home we went outside to get some energy out. Allan came out and enjoyed the sunshine with us and took some super cute pictures! Both kids took a two hour nap in their own beds, which made for a perfect day!

Sarah also had the corner of her first tooth pop up today! Jimmy was 4 months and had four teeth, Sarah will be 7 months on Saturday.

These are some of my favorite pictures Allan has taken!

IMG_5605.JPGIMG_5599.JPGIMG_5608.JPGIMG_5623.JPGIMG_5641.JPGBest friendsIMG_5661.JPGIMG_5673.JPGIMG_5693.JPGIMG_5697.JPGIMG_5716.JPGIMG_5703.JPGIMG_5724.JPGJimmy hears a Who!

Jimmy was talking and listening to this plant, we finally figured out it looks like the plant form "Horton Hears a Who" LOL

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sitting up

Sarah is finally sitting up all on her own, well she does have few tumbles here and the! She is really enjoying a new view of the world, and playing with new toys. She is not crawling on all fours yet, but scooting and rolling all over the place. Tonight she rolled over stole Jimmy's toy and pushed him!!!! Watch out Jimmy she is going to get you!!!


Cuddling with Daddy

Sarah cuddled up with daddy to take a nap today, Allan was in heaven holding his sleeping little girl. Of course when she woke up and I wanted to take a picture Jimmy wanted right in the middle of it! :)


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to School

Jimmy started Mother's Day Out again this week. He loves his new teacher and the fact that Chase is in his class. He had no problem with me leaving him, and just said "bye mom" and gave me a kiss.

1st Day of School
Chase and Jimmy

Sarah Videos!

While in Pittsburgh Sarah started mumbling something that sounds like "Aunt Boo," I was finialy able to catch it on video. It does sound like she is saying it, maybe we should count it as her first words!

Everyone loves a giggling baby!

Sarah loves her Jump-a-roo!


Last Saturday Sarah and I flew to Pittsburgh to visit my Grandparents and Aunt Cynthy. Becca (aka Aunt Boo) met us in the Atlanta airport to fly with us. I can not even explain how much my grandparents and Aunt mean to me. Sarah is named after my Grandmother Sarah Ann Simcox. I got so many traits from my grandmother, my small feet, small hands, green eyes, and love of shoes! Sarah could not have been better behaved the whole time we where there and on the flights. Anytime she got a little fussy Aunt Boo would put on my ergo baby carrier and Sarah would take a nap. Grandpa turns 90 on September 12th, so we had a little party for him while we were there. We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful trip, and look forward to another one sometime soon.

Sarah in Pittsburgh
Watching the Steelers game!
Jimmy loved his Steelers goodies
Jimmy loved all his Steeler's goodies!

When Mom's away....the boys will play!

Allan and Jimmy were one their own while Sarah and I flew to Pittsburgh last weekend. They had a great time together and really enjoyed the "boy"time. One evening they went on the boat with Allan's family. Jimmy also got his hands on the spatula from the brownie mix. Both boys were in one piece and so was the house when I got home!!! (thanks to my wonderful mother inlaw for cleaning it up for me!)

chocolate face

We're the Best of Friends!

Jimmy and Sarah love each other so much. Jimmy is very protective of her, he tells people "Don't touch my sister!" He can make her laugh better than anyone with just a funny face. He loves to give her "super kisses" and she grabs his face when he does!

Two bums in my bed


Jimmy Videos

Jimmy just can't figure out a slip-n-slide

Roller skating maniac!