Friday, May 22, 2009

How to contain Jimmy while in public....


Dressing Alike

Tuesday night we went to dinner with Brad and Jamie, when got a kick out of the fact that both girls were dressed the same! Their mommies must have good taste.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sarah's First Video

Check out the thighs and knees on this little chunky monkey! 


The Bruno's in Destin is going out of business, so Sunday I hit it up for some major deals. I racked up with 22 bottles of apple juice and white grape juice. Jimmy thought he had hit the lottery!

If my son wants Apple Juice, I'll GIVE HIM APPLE JUICE!!!

The one in the front that is 3/4 full is because Jimmy had already had a glass!

Shell Island Dinner Picnic

Last Thursday we took a boat ride to shell island to have a dinner picnic. Both kids really enjoy the trip, Sarah usually falls asleep. After eating, I turned around to find Jimmy naked.....again. I don't know what I am going to do with our little nudist. 


Last day of school

Jimmy  had a wonderful year at preschool. It's funny how much they change in one year. I attended his class party and watched him interact with his classmates, he knew them all by name and they all played so well together. Ms. Marica was a true blessing with a heart of gold, we will miss her. 


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

We have had a wonderful day today, just relaxing. Allan went and picked up Corum's breakfast this morning. Then we packed and headed out on the boat to Shell Island. This was Sarah's first trip on the boat. She looked like a little hot dog in her life jacket! She slept all the way to the island and napped in her pea-pod again. Jimmy loved the ride on the boat and had so much fun playing in the sand. We hoped for a nap this afternoon, but no luck Jimmy is full of it and did not want to nap. 


Lacy's Art Show

Saturday Allan's aunt and cousins were in town from Atlanta and we all headed over to Bay Point to see Lacy's art show. Lauren and Jimmy enjoyed jumping in a moonwalk while we were there. 

IMG_1964.JPGLacy selling her artIMG_1974.JPGJimmy and Lauren jumping in the moonwalkDarcy, my cousinBlaire, my cousin

Sarah's adventures

Wednesday Hubbell and I took the kids over to my inlaws house to let them play in the water. Hubbell has pictures of the boys playing, I will hopefully post some soon. Sarah sacked out in her pea-pod and enjoyed the nice breeze.


Thursday we went shopping at Carters and bought this super cute outfit for Sarah.


Sarah has very good head control for her age and can sit in her bumbo seat for a small amount time . She enjoys sitting there getting make up lessons from mom!

Learning to put on make-up

Daddy and Jimmy Videos

Multitasking with Ice Cream

We have been trying to start potty training Jimmy, but he has no interest in sitting still even for M&M's if he goes potty. The other day after school I picked him up his first ice cream cone and brought him home to sit on the potty. It worked, he finally pee peed in the potty! He then went again the next day. The funny thing is he wants nothing to do with pull-ups or big boy underwear, he screams for a diaper. We are not pushing him, but are excited that he has sat on the potty at least once or twice a day since then.

Multitasking with Ice Cream

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

We have had a wonderful sun shinny weekend! Most of Saturday and Sunday we spent at Allan's parents house outside near the water. Jimmy and Allan were inseparable all weekend, it is so cute to watch the two of them play together and Jimmy looking up to Allan. This morning we could not get our act together in time to make it to church so we watched it online and on tv (with our apple tv). Our friend Dustin preached who is the youth minister at our church.

Watching Dustin PreachWatching Dustin Preach
Watching Dustin Preach 
Hanging out in our PJ's this morning 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Operation: "Sleep through the night"

Sarah has been sleeping longer and longer stretches at night lately.  One evening Sarah was sacked out on Allan's chest and I realized that she loves to sleep when she is warm. My mom also told me when we were kids she would let us take really long baths before bedtime.  Thursday night around 9:30 I let Sarah take a really long bath in her new cradle with lavender bath wash. She loved it and was a wild woman kicking and splashing. After her bath I put lavender lotion and her warmest pj's and nursed her for a long time. I swaddled her up and put her to bed at 10:00. I woke up at 4:30 checked on her, still breathing! Jimmy woke me up at 6:15, she was still sleeping. I ended up waking her up at 6:30 to nurse her!!!!! She did it!!!! Eight and a half hours!!!! 

Friday night Sarah went out to dinner and a movie with us, while Lauren watch Jimmy. Sarah was wonderful in the movie, nursing for a few minutes and slept the rest of the movie. When we got home I did the same routine knowing that she might not sleep as well since she slept in the movie. She went to bed around 10:30 and slept until 5:30! I am hoping to try it again tonight. She might just end up being the cleanest baby in town! 

Hanging out with Daddy