Thursday, November 5, 2009

She's moving....

Cheyenne was over playing for a little bit and I noticed that Sarah really wanted to get over to her. I turned my camera on just in time to capture her first few strides crawling!!! All day she has moved a little bit at a time, I give her just a couple of days and we are in trouble!

Sarah and Cheyenne

Daddy's New Camera

Allan recently purchased a new Cannon 7D camera and a new lens, so of course he can't stop taking pictures. Here is a few he has taken:

Yes, Jimmy is walking around with the "big cheese" for Daddy's new "big cheese"

Great Papa

Sunday we drove to go visit Allan's Papa, his dad's step father. Allan's grandfather passed away when Allan's dad was almost 10 years old. Papa has been a part of Allan's life as long as he can remember. Papa moved next to his son when Allan's grandmother passed away last two years ago. When Jimmy was a baby, Papa would hide money in his clothes. Several time we would go to change his diaper or put on his pj's and find money. I have put all of it in his piggy bank. This time Jimmy was super excited when we saw him because he got "big money"!;) It was really great to sit down and visit him.


Fall Festival Family Picture

Fall Festival Halloween 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Instead of going trick-or-treating we took the kids to another church halloween festival. (4th one this year!) Jimmy once again had a great time playing all the games and winning prizes. The good thing is he did not come home with a bunch of candy that we would eat!


Dustin and Micah Allan and Jimmy
IMG_7486.JPGDonut on a string
Super Slide Donut on a string

Bad Trick-or-Treaters

Last night when we got home with the kids from their Halloween festivities we noticed a bunch of teenage trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood. I had not purchased any candy this year, because last year no one came. So we devised a plan....I pulled out last years candy and put it in a pumpkin bucket on the front porch with the lights on. Then put our camera in the window and waited to see what happened...

Those were the very first people to come by. Thanks a lot teenagers, we knew we would catch someone! Too bad that candy is a year old, they learned there lesson too!