Saturday, March 28, 2009


Allan rented a Fisheye lens from an online site that my friend April told us about. We have really enjoyed the fun pictures that he has been able to take. 


An apple for sister

Jimmy was playing with my decorative fake apples, I went to check on Sarah and I guess he thought she wanted one too. 

Our kid is "that kid"

Tuesday Jimmy had his spring program at school. Thank goodness they let the youngest class go first, because Jimmy wanted no part of being in front of a crowd. As soon as they walked in the room Jimmy wanted Momma and Dada. I sat up front with him on my lap, about half way through he wanted to go back up there. He almost knocked over a fake tree, ran across the stage and back to me. So of course every parent was looking at us. Oh well, at least he is cute! 

If you look at the front of the class Jimmy is the one in the green shirt laying on the ground having a fit. I am oh so proud!LOL

Monday, March 23, 2009

Murphy's Vacation

Yesterday we noticed that Murphy was missing. The worst part was he did not have his collar on and was no where to be found. Allan and I both drove the area and I took the kids for a walk to look for him. I told Jimmy to yell for Murphy and he would bark like a dog. The other times he has gotten loose he has come home, so we expected him to come home by this morning. When we woke up he was no where to be found. I called all the local vets and the micro-chip company and alerted them. This afternoon I emailed all of our neighbors and within an hour two people called and let us know they had seen him today. One of them lived on the street directly behind our house and said Murphy had been in her back yard this morning, but she let him out about six hours earlier. Allan drove around the corner and called for him. Murphy came bee-bopping out and jumped in the car with Allan. Guess his spring break is over! 

We found Murphy, he left us for a short vacation.

Fun with Daddy's New Camera

Saturday we drove to Eden State Park and let daddy play with his new camera. We are so blessed that he is so talented and takes wonderful pictures of our children. Jimmy and Sarah have on their Easter outfits. 


"Sister Share"

Friday  Jimmy decided to lay with Sarah under play mat. I asked him what he was doing and he said "sister share"! LOL The next day I looked at Jess's blog and she had the same picture of her boys doing the same thing! 

Sister has to share too!photo.jpg

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hubbell bought Sarah her adorable St. Patrick's day dress and picked out Jimmy's shirt too. We had a great day, Jimmy went to school, Sarah and I attended a get together at the park with our play group. After nap time we went over to Grandma and JB's house to play in the sand. 

Jamie and Lily Stephens - Anna and Sarah Branch
Lily and Sarah in their matching dresses! 

Jimmy's new hair!

Just Kidding! We went to get Jimmy's haircut and the lady spiked it afterwards and put temporary die in it. I got lots of dirty looks at Publix afterwards, oh well Jimmy loved it. 


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday afternoon at the duck pond


After church today we went to the duck pond so Jimmy could feed the ducks. He really enjoyed seeing two ducklings and their mama. 

Jimmy pretending to fly like a duck
Flying like a duck

Sarah's Best Friend is Born!

Brad and Jamie Stephens welcomed their baby girl Lily Grace on Friday. 7lb 12oz 20.5 inches long  We are so happy for them and can't wait to watch our girls grow up together. 

Lily Grace Stephens
Sarah and Lily
Sarah and Lily 
Brad & Lily Grace StephensJamie and Lily Grace Stephens
Brad, Jamie and Lily 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

When Aunt Lacy gets bored.....

When Aunt Lacy gets bored Jimmy gets tattoos, piercing, facial hair and a rat tail!!!! Thank goodness they were all in washable marker! 

IMG_0755.JPGIMG_0747.JPGWhen Lacy gets bored!

The Artiest and her side kick!

Random Fun!

Sleeping beautyCome home daddy!photo.jpg
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