Thursday, July 31, 2008

WHAT are you doing!

I put Jimmy to bed around 7:45 tonight, hoping he would go to bed early. I was down stairs talking to my brother around 8:15 and heard a bang, I knew he had thrown his cup of water out of the bed. So I headed up stairs to lay him back down, I opened the door to Jimmy jumping in his crib. Then I looked really close, his turtle, barney, blanket, and pillow were on the floor.....along with his CLOTHES!!!! He was in his bed in only his diaper! LOL!!! All he had to say was "mama!" I don't know how he got his shirt over his big head and his long pants off, but he sure was happy. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dinner with an Old Friend

Lindsey  Hill, a friend of mine for ten years now, is staying this week about 45 minutes from Panama City. I met Lindsey at Lutheran Happening of the South, back when I was in High School. We have stayed in touch over the years, and love to gossip about people that we know from the past. This afternoon I met up with two of Lindsey's college friends and Lindsey for shopping and dinner. It was so great to see you Lindsey! 


Monday, July 28, 2008

Stir it up

Jimmy's Grandma taught him when he was smaller to stir stuff in his bowl. Allan had left his bowl sitting out this morning and Jimmy was having so much fun just stirring the air and clanging the spoon. 

Dada Shoes

Jimmy was calling "Mama mama"today, when I went into the other room his was standing there in Allan's shoes. He was so proud of himself and needed help to walk. I was even more proud that he had them on the right feet. Moseley has been sporting his daddy's shoes two lately, I swear those two boys must talk on the phone to each other when we are not looking. 

Sunday Drive

Yesterday Allan, Jimmy and I drove over to Pensacola, Fl to pick up a tri-cycle that we purchased on Ebay for his mom. We thought she might enjoy being able to take a ride around on it. Jimmy slept most of the way there and was excellent on the way back.  We were gone around 6 hours! 

I bought my Mom a tricycle

If you look close you can see Jimmy is in the basket in the back. He got a kick out of sitting back in the "Biiike".

Long car ride

On the way over to pick up the tri-cycle

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who's that tiger?

Playing with a cousin

Last night Jimmy's second cousin Cassidy came over to play. Jimmy had so much fun chasing her all around the house. Cassidy was a little leery of Jimmy's drool, so she carried around a paper towel with her! LOL!!! Cassidy is one of the middle children of 7 siblings, six girls one boy. 

Play date

Yesterday Chase and Bucky came over to go swimming and play. Chase had to leave early because his Grandma was coming in town. Bucky stayed for awhile and was able to play. I think the boys ate 10 lbs of goldfish while they were here. 

Jimmy and Bucky

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Diaper Boys

Yesterday Jimmy invited his friend Chase over to play in the bay at his Grandparent's house. I did not get any pictures out in the sand, but the boys had a blast playing inside in their diapers. 


Rolling over the culligan water bottle 
What did we do? 

Jimmy kept imitating Chase crawling around and trying to walk. He thought he was so funny doing it, and kept looking at us for attention. 

I day to remember a loved one

Two years ago today, we lost a true friend Kirk Tuck to his battle with Leukemia. Allan and Kirk had a special bond, like brothers. Kirk introduced Allan and myself to each other, and use to joke that we would name our first child after him. Little did we know that we would, James Tucker Branch. Allan and I often think of Kirk, and miss him dearly.  We have stayed close with his parents, and enjoy their friendship. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My little arcade boy

Jimmy and I went to the mall to walk around this afternoon. By the time we went to leave it was raining cats and dogs, so I took him into the arcade to run around in the balloons. When he was done running around he went over to the race car game and climbed on up. He sat and pretended to drive for almost 30 minutes. He steered the car, pushed buttons, and changed gears....all without me even putting in a quarter. Jimmy was NOT happy when it was time to go and let everyone around know it! Growing up at my house whenever we went on vacation to Navarre Beach my dad would take us into the arcade and play video games. Watching Jimmy play today brought back so many happy memories. 


Brush your teeth

Today Jimmy was chilling watching Barney in our bed, when Barney started talking about brushing your teeth. Jimmy immediately asked for his "teeth bsh".  Jimmy sat and brushed his teeth the whole time Barney was on! He was so proud of himself. 


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Junior Museum

Yesterday Jimmy and I met up with our play group at the Junior Museum. Jimmy absolutely loves going and playing with all the goodies. Jimmy of course does not sit down for two seconds, but he spent about 30 minutes driving a "boat". 


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our little cupid

Jimmy had so much fun running around naked as a jay bird this afternoon. Jimmy and Allan went back and forth spaying each other with the hose. I think he played outside for 45 minutes naked. He never went to the bathroom outside, but he was inside for one minute and peed on the floor in Allan's bathroom. :) 

"Water Slide"

Mommy the house is dirty

Jimmy decided I have not done a good job dusting lately, so he did it for me tonight. 

Goof Ball

Where is Jimmy??? Boo here he is!!! 

Jimmy has been playing with the empty toothpaste box for days now. Tonight he would not put it down. 

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dinner with The Kings

Tonight  Hubbell, Kevin and Chase came over to swim and eat dinner. They were sweet enough to bring some delicious hamburgers. The boys had a blast swimming and playing with Jimmy's blocks. Chase has just started walking, it is so cute to watch him make a few steps here and there. It just seems like yesterday that Jimmy was stumbling all over the place, now I can't get him to sit down for two minutes. 

Kevin and Chase
Kevin and Chase
Big Chase Man! 
What is that Chase?
Jimmy was leaning over to look Chase right in the face :) 
Jimmy and Chase
The boys were having so much fun playing the fridge toy

Roller Skating

Today I took Jimmy to toddler skate to play on everyones different ride on toys. Jimmy was infatuated with two kids with roller skates on their feet. He was following them around looking at them like "what kind of shoes are those?".  The skating rink only had size 8 skates so I tied them up tight on Jimmy. You would have thought I hung the moon, he was so excited. Of course I was the one doing most of the work, but he sure got a kick out of them. I guess our next purchase will be the skates that strap onto his shoes....and a helmet!  


Roller Skating!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Jimmy has started helping me around the house. He feeds Murphy his food when we go out to play. When I am unloading the dishwasher he takes the tupperware to the cabinet. My favorite chore by far .... he cleans the lint out of the dryer and takes it little by little to the trash while I fold the clothes. He looks so proud when he does him and I tell him good job! 


Today we were getting ready to go and I told Jimmy to go to his room so I could get him dressed. I went in there 2 minutes later and he was sitting in his chair reading books. What a wonderful child that I have! 


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Jimmy's friend Andrew turned 2 today and had a great birthday party at the water park. Andrew and Jimmy are both wild boys that are into everything. It is so much fun to watch Jimmy interact with boys around his age. Happy Birthday Andrew! 

Andrew and Michelle 
Neil, "Frankie", Michelle, and Andrew 

When Jimmy saw "Frankie" the Seahorse come walking towards the party he went CRAZY!!! He was so excited and did not want to leave him alone. I think he thought it was someone from Barney. Poor Frankie kept getting his tail pulled and slapped from Jimmy, who was trying to get his attention. Jimmy kept dancing around with his happy feet and wanted him all to himself.

When it came time for Frankie to leave, Jimmy was broken hearted! I ended up having to hold him sideways as he tried to run out of my arms crying "Please, Please". Guess we will have to have a character come to his birthday party.