Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Walking....Yes in deed....I'm Walking!!!

Well...kinda! Last Easter Allan's Grandmother Mumsie gave Jimmy a dancing/singing Easter Bunny, we used it to teach Jimmy to hold his head up, roll over, and crawl. So tonight I got the great idea to use it to help him walk, and wow did it ever help. He loves that crazy bunny. I wish Mumsie was here today to see what joy he gets from it, and how she has helped him accomplish milestones. We love you Mumsie!

P.S. No comments on my outfit! I am ready for bed and Allan is out of town.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Jimmy's paci is gone!!!! I had planed on getting rid of it by his first birthday, but we were leaving on our cruise and could not do that to my inlaws! Then we had a plane ride to deal with, so it had to wait. Allan is out of town and knew it would be a good time in case he screamed all day. So after his morning nap, I hid them. To my surprise he did not fuss for it all day. He even took a nap in the car without wanting it. So tonight I kissed him goodnight and put him to bed. I was truly scared to leave the room......just waiting for him to scream. I watched him on the monitor roll around never made a peep! We have such a wonderful child!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Silly Video

Allan made this video with Jimmy the other night! The sound takes a second, so be calm!


Last Thursday my mom, brother, sister, Jimmy and I flew to Pittsburgh to visit my Grandparents and Aunt Cynthy. Jimmy did really good on all the flights. We had a wonderful time, and had lots of snow to play in. Jimmy kept us on our toes getting into everything that he was not suppose to touch. Uncle Mike and Aunt Boo helped out so much taking care of him. Mike and Jimmy could sit and have a whole conversation in baby talk. Becca gave Jimmy a bath every night and really enjoyed giving him crazy hair styles. While we were there Aunt Cynthy took us to the Bodies Exhibition, it was so interesting to see all the different parts of the body. We also have a family tradition of eating an Italian Hoagie at a place called Danny's, we were there 5 days and we ate a hoagie 5 times (including flying with them to Chicago for dinner!)!!!! They are so good! Jimmy even got his first bite of a hoagie, yes I shared. I will have more pictures soon, but I am waiting for my brother and sister to upload theirs.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank you Daddy

Thank you daddy for making my blog look so cute! Thank you also for the plane tickets to go see Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, and Aunt Cynthy! I love you!

Love ~ Jimmy

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Off to the Park

Allan took this afternoon off since we are leaving out of town tomorrow. We had a wonderful lunch at V. Richards and went to the park in Helena. Jimmy is getting so big now, he has no fear and climbs to the top of the playground equipment. (of course I am right behind him) He also goes down the slides all by himself, even the tall curly slide, Allan caught him at the bottom. I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful weather!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We're Leaving on a Jet Plane

On Thursday at 7:20am Jimmy, my mom, sister, brother, and I are flying to Pittsburgh to visit my Grandparents. (that means I have to leave home at 4:30 AM!!) Allan surprised us all with tickets for Christmas. I can not remember the last time we were all there together. Jimmy and I were able to go to Pittsburgh last March and have not been since. We will also get to see my Aunt Cynthy! Please say a little prayer for us, we have a 14 month old on a 3.5 hour flight!!! Any ideas anyone?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jack Pot!

I was changing Jimmy's crib sheet tonight and hit the Jack Pot! Every day pacifiers were disappearing and I could not find them. Well behind his bumper pad, between the mattress and head/foot boards were 10 pacifiers!!!! Good grief stop hiding stuff Jimmy! It's kinda like a puppy and his bones, saving them for later. He must know I am going to take the pacifier away when we get back from Pittsburgh in a week and a half!!!! Bye Bye Paci!

Off to the Zoo again!

Yesterday Jimmy and I took Daddy to the Zoo. Allan had never been to the zoo, except for Zoo Light Safari in December. We had a great time and had wonderful weather. Jimmy rode with Daddy on the train while I took pictures, boy those two are goofy!

That is one goofy looking dog!

Jimmy reached up and picked Allan's nose, look at Allan's face!!!

I love this picture of my two favorite boys.

Wild boys!

"It's throw mama from the train, not Jimmy!!"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Jimmy made this Valentine for his Daddy last week at his Valentine's Day Party at Gymboree! Hope everyone has a love filled day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sad news....

We have been debating over the last couple of months weather or not to give Dirk and Elvis to someone that could give them more attention then we can. We have noticed before that Dirk is not the best with toddlers and last week he nipped at Jimmy, that was the answer to what we should do. I sent an email out and also posted on my facebook account that we were looking for a good home for them. Well, my prayers were answered. One of my high school friends saw my post on facebook and contacted me for her parents. Her parents were looking for two dogs that were already house trained. They had to give two small poodles away when they had their first child, so they understand how hard this is for us. They came over on Sunday and Dirk and Elvis took to them right away. They have also stressed that we can come visit at anytime. So tomorrow they are coming at lunch time to pick them up, needless to say I will not be here Allan will have to deal with that. I have cried and cried over loosing them, but I know this is the right decision. We have had both of them since we started dating and they have been our babies, but now we must put our really baby first.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's official Jimmy is crazy! But in a good way!

Jimmy has been really funny the last couple of days. Tonight I was cleaning up and noticed this:

Look a little closer:

Yep, that's right he put his pacifiers in the toy where the balls go. Last night I could not find his cup and it was in the seat of his ride on car. He also hid his musical instruments in the end table this morning.
Last night coming home from Gymboree I turned around and saw this sight:
Yes, that is he DIRTY sock from Gymboree in his mouth. Tonight I heard him laughing in the back seat and turned around to "Look Mom no hands!"

What has gotten in to him?

What a great day

Jimmy and I went to the Zoo today since we had perfect weather outside. Jimmy was really excited about the new Flamingo area, you can actually pet them and feed them right out of your hand. Jimmy took the liberty to bonk one of them on the head. The picture of the one up close, was much better but two seconds before I took it Jimmy smacked it! Good Grief, I can't take that kid anywhere! :)

We also got Jimmy another haircut for a whole dollar! He was quite the wiggle worm, so I had to hold him. He did fine with me holding him. He looks like a little boy now, no more baby. :(

Valentine's Day Party

Friday night Jimmy went to his Valentine's Day Party at Gymboree. He looked so cute in his "Hunk of Burnin Love" shirt that Jay gave him. He loved Gymbo the clown and eating sugar cookies that turned his lips pink.

Bath time

Allan is out of town and he usually gives Jimmy his bath. Last night I let him play, play, and play some more in the tub. He had a great time, and slept wonderful that night.

Our Cruise

We got home from our cruise on Monday. We had a good time, the boat was really old and retiring in the next month, so that sucked. We went snorkeling and rode scooters all over Nassau. You can see all of our pics on starting around page 8 and 9. Jimmy had a great time with Allan's family, and came home 5lbs. heavier but no bumps or bruises!