Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Party



She was not trilled about her cake :(


Cheyenne and Sarah
Micah, Chloe, Even, Jimmy and Annalese
Lily Stephens

My Birthday Princess

Sarah's Birthday House!

This was my stroller at my grandparent's house in Pittsburgh, Sarah received it for her 1st birthday!

Sarah and Jimmy having a tea party
Jimmy had enough of Sarah getting all the attention!

Happy 1st Birthday My Baby Girl!!!

I can not believe Sarah is a year old already, time has truly flown by! The past year has had many ups and downs, but the best part has been watching Sarah grow up and Jimmy being a wonderful big brother. I can not believe how well my children get along and love each other. Sarah has been a totally different baby than Jimmy was, with a stubborn little girl attitude to go along with her! Sarah did not sleep through the night until I quit breast feeding at 11.5 months, it was exhausting, but well worth it. She is not walking yet, but cruising around on furniture, dancing to any beat she hears, and eating everything under the sun. Some of Sarah's favorite words are: Juice, Dance, Mama, Dada, Bye Bye, Night Night, and "nana" is her pacifier. Every time she leaves a room she waves bye bye and loves to blow kisses at everyone. I love having a little girl and playing dress up with her. I look forward to dance classes, gymnastics, pedicures and watching her grow up.

Sarah's 12 Month Check-up
Height: 29 inches 50%
Weight: 20lbs 14.5 oz 25-50%
Head Circumference: 43.5cm 10-25%

Nana and Aunt Boo

Nana and Aunt Boo came down to visit for Sarah's 1st Bday. We were able to enjoy some good laughs and sunshine while they were here.


Aunt Boo brought Jimmy a play police officer's gun. Jimmy would not even take it off for nap time!

Poor Poor Aunt Boo!

Lee County Deputy of the Year!!!!!!!

I am super proud of my sister being named Lee County Deputy of the Year!!!! Rebecca has worked so hard for everything that she has accomplished in her life. She was also just promoted to Corporal. She is the world's greatest sister and a fantastic Aunt to my children!

Becca Award
Cpl. Mayo, Lt. Martinez, Cpl. Becca Tate, Sherif Jay Jones

Tampa Zoo

On our way back from Orlando, we went with Allan to Tampa for a confrence. While Allan was busy I took the kids to the Tampa Zoo. I was super nervous, but I let Jimmy ride a camel all by himself! I can not say enough good things about the Tampa Zoo, it was fantastic!

Multimedia message

February Trip to Disney

We enjoyed another wonderful trip to Walt Disney World in February. This time we went to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Jimmy is already asking when we are going back!



Doh!!! Mommy hasn't blogged in forever!!!! (sorry!)


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Puddle Jumping

Jimmy had the best time jumping in puddles the other day after a crazy rainstorm.

Picnic Day!

We had a few days of perfect weather and enjoyed one of them by meeting friends at the park for a picnic. I think the kids played for two and a half hours, needless to say they both took great naps!